Since we were founded in 1965, we have grown by the support of TOYOTA MOTOR and its related companies. To achieve further development and contribution, we continue to focus on new products development utilizing our much experience and technology and the introduction of new technology by tie-up with overseas manufactures.
Our basic way is "to accomplish throughout" and to contribute "SPEED","QUALITY ASSURNCE","ENVIROMENTAL PRESERVATION","ENERGY SAVING","EARTH RESOURCE SAVING" to every customer.
Our policy is "Everything is for the customer" and "to pursue No.1 of the world PRODUCTS and SERVICES".

Corporate principles

・We contribute all the energy we have to our every customer.
・Establishment of the environmental consideration
・Establishment of the quality assurance system
・Establishment of the corporate structure which are flexible with changes
・Are customers satisfied with our services? It is our key question.
・We implement both improvement and innovation for all customers.

●Maeda Shell Service Co., Ltd.
・Chairman  MAEDA Tatsuhiro
・Capital  ¥49.96M(0.43M・U.S.$0.51M)
・Foundation November 1965
・Location Okazaki city, Aichi, Japan
●Maeda Giken Co., Ltd.
・Chairman MAEDA Tatsuhiro
・Capital  25.00M¥(0.22M・U.S.$0.28M)
・Foundation January 1968
・Location Okazaki city, Aichi, Japan

Centrair opened as the third largest international airport in Japan in February 2005. It is an around-the-clock airport with a 3500m runway to fully serve the demand of International Long-haul flights. There is one passenger terminal building, which accommodate both international and domestic check-in counters under one-roof. Our location is near it. The location of our plant is in one hour from Centrair International Airport.

In our HQ’s located AICHI-prefecture, there are a lot of manufactures. It is very important area for mainly AVIATION Industry and Automotive Industry including MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, TOYOTA, YAMAHA, HONDA, SUZUKI , their related companies and many other companies.


・Address:76-4 Ikegane, Kanayama, Okazaki, Aichi 444-3595 Japan
・Tel:+81-0564-48-2411 Fax:+81-0564-48-6252